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Cookies and Similar Technologies

This website does not use cookies. It also does not use other similar technologies such as localStorage, web beacons, pixels, device fingerprinting or identifiers. In short, it does not store on your terminal or read from it ANYTHING AT ALL.

Use of personal data

You can access the content on this website without registering as a user or submitting any information to us.

We do not seek to identify individual visitors unless they volunteer their contact details through one of the forms on the website. Personal data submitted by you on the website (such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, or any other data that you may want to include in your messages to us) is used solely for the purposes stated to you at the time of submission. Any personal data you submit will not under any circumstances be sold, traded, or rented.

Data controller

上海标毓商务咨询有限公司 (Shanghai Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD) is the data controller.

Appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to prevent unauthorized or unlawful disclosure of personal data. We protect your personal data during transit using encryption protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). All personal data is maintained on password-protected terminals to which only authorized users hold passwords. We do not give your personal data to anyone else unless (1) it is necessary to do so in order to provide the service requested by you and we have made a full disclosure to you, (2) we have a good-faith belief that disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to satisfy any applicable laws or regulations, (3) it is in response to a request from law-enforcement authorities, or (4) it is needed to detect and prevent fraud for security or technical issues.

If you want to know what your data is with the Data Controller and how it is used, or if you want to have it updated, integrated, rectified, or deleted, you can send your request to the following e-mail address:


JavaScript is used to improve the functionality of this website. Most browsers allow this feature to be enabled or to be disabled for specific websites. Consult the browser Help documentation to learn how to enable JavaScript for selected websites.

In any case, this website works with or without JavaScript enabled. But if they are enabled, this website works, in our opinion, better. JavaScript is never used by this website to install software on your computer or to collect unauthorized information from you.

Notification of changes to this Policy

We are continually improving and adding new functionality and features to this website, as well as improving and adding to our existing services. Because of these ongoing changes, and changes in the law and the nature of technology, our data practices will change from time to time. When it proves necessary to change our Policy, we will post any changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it.

Updated on: February 20, 2024.

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